Find Private Student Loans

Private Student Loans Shopping Guide

1. Who's this? Some well-known bank/lender brands make private student loans. But there are also a number of specialty, non-profit, and state-sponsored lenders. Just because you have not heard of them, doesn't mean it's not a good fit.
2. Why the range? Most private student loans offer a range of pricing, depending on the credit quality of the borrower and cosigner. We show the low and high end of the range. If approved, you might receive one of these pricing levels or something in between.
3. Fixed/Variable Rate Some student loans have "variable" rates. This means that the actual rate charged will vary as prevailing interest rates rise and fall. Other loans have a "fixed" rate, where (you guessed it) the interest rate is fixed and won't change. Some lenders offer both fixed and variable choices.
4. Monthly payment is how much you'll pay on a monthly basis if you're approved for this loan at the terms shown.
5. Apply with the lender directly. The lender's site usually includes more information on the loans.
6. APR, or "Annual Percentage Rate" is a way of expressing the loan's many costs (interest rate, fees, method of charging interest, etc) into a single measure.